E-testing for driver’s license to be implemented in 2019

The government is planning to implement a new automated system for driving tests (e-testing) in 2019 once a pilot project ends in November this year. According to The Sun, transport minister Anthony Loke said the trial period would be conducted from end-August until November at three driving institutes in Johor.

He said the system falls in line with the government’s efforts to ensure that there was more integrity in the learning and testing for driving exams, especially in curbing corruption and abuse of power.

“This initiative was first introduced by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and (with) an implementation study and trial project conducted, I have sat for the test and am very satisfied with the outcome even though I failed the slope test.

“If a minister can fail the test, this means that the system is really transparent as the learners must follow the rules set in the system,” he told reporters after attending a talk on the system held at Pusat Latihan Memandu Berjaya in Taman Perling, Johor.

Apparently, Loke said the e-testing system was more transparent as learners are assessed without any human input and/or intervention. This differs from the traditional system where an instructor or examiner would sit next to the learner in the car as the test is being conducted.

“All the systems are screened by computers, with closed-circuit television sets in the vehicle and its movement monitored by satellite with information posted in real-time to the control centres. This is good not only for the JPJ but also for the driving institutes and students who will be tested by a system and not humans,” he explained.

This initiative was spurned from the government’s plans to end the bribing culture in the process of obtaining a driver’s license, otherwise affectionately known as kopi-o lesen. We’ve briefly discussed the matter in an episode of PT Talks, so be sure to watch the video below to find out what we think. Also, don’t forget to chime in and let us know your thoughts as well.

Source from: Paultan

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